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ABOUT A Disney Last Icon Maker Standing Icon Challenge. Every week a movie will be provided, and members must make an icon from that. Each week the member/s with the icon with the most negative votes will be eliminated. You must be a member from the beginning and participated in each round you can. Once you have been cut you cannot participate until the next round.

- You must be a member to participate and once a round starts you may not join; you must join a round from the beginning.
- You must make a new icon for each challenge. No you may not use anyone else's base. Must be all your own work.
- Icons must follow lj standards, 100x100 & 40 kb.
- Do not post your icon anywhere until the challenge is over.
- You must post your icon and it's url as a comment in the challenge post only. If you post it anywhere else I will delete it and it will not count.
- Sign up at this post with the name of your favourite disney film, to prove you've read the rules.

- Vote for the icon(s) that you like the least. The amount you need to vote for will be specified.
- Don't vote anomalously.
- Don't vote more than once, this includes multiple accounts.
- Don't just vote for friends because they are your friends.

- Round 1 / pitterxxpatter
- Round 2 / squishysquidgy
- Round 3 / squishysquidgy
- Round 4 / mangoninja

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